11 octobre 2014

Célula indivisible

I had the immense pleasure to collaborate again in a mural with the talented and fantastic Paulina Suarez ! We were inspired by the song "Calaveras y Diablitos" from the argentinian band los Fabulosos Cadillacs :)If you live in San Francisco, please come and check it out in the Mission District in the Lucky Alley !         https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K-HMBWTqY1k
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18 juillet 2013

Friday Nights at the De Young

This Friday the 19th of July I've been invited to participate in a live mural as a part of the event "Sights and Sounds of Mexico"I'll be painting the mural from 6:00-8:30 pm in the Piazzoni Mural Room in the De Young Museum.Come see this colorful event and enjoy the music from Ilan Bar-Lavi and Sonex playing Son Jarocho!To see all the information about this event click hereThanks for stopping by!
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23 février 2013

El Mercado de Celso y los chiles que escaparon

Dentro de la exposición Pop-Up Spicy Mexican Design que se encuentra en este momento en el Consulado General de México en San Francisco, la ilustradora Paulina Suarez y yo tuvimos el grandísimo placer de trabajar durante 2 semanas y fragmentos de una tercera en la creación de un mural para dicha exposición.For the exhibition Pop-Up Spicy Mexican Design which is going on right now in the Mexican Consulate of San Francisco, the illustrator Paulina Suarez and I had the great pleasure to work during 2 weeks plus a third on and off third... [Lire la suite]
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22 novembre 2012

Visit Clarion Alley!

      El último 20 de octubre Paulina Suarez y yo fuimos invitadas a pintar un mural en el Clarion Alley en la Misión.Este mural se realizó dentro del evento "the Clarion Alley Block Party 2012" en donde celebraron sus 20 años de murales. The last October 20th Paulina Suarez and I were invited to paint a mural in the Clarion Alley in Mission.This mural was made in the Clarion Alley Block Party 2012 to celebrate their 20 years of murals. :)    
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17 octobre 2012

Hub Bay Area Mural

                Thanks a lot to all of the Hubs around the world that contributed with their quotations!This mural is in the Hub Bay Area inside the Chronicle Building  
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29 août 2012

In process - Hub Bay Area Mural

                -Work in progress, the Hub's global community- I've been recently producing some art work at the Hub Bay Area in San Francisco as a resident artist.One of the pieces is a World Map mural which will have quotations from the different Hubs all around the world.    
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