12 juillet 2012

Imagenes recientes de "Running Plants"

    This are some of the pieces I showed shown in the exhibition with Paulina Suarez "Running Plants" in Berkeley Marina. Estas son algunas de las obras que presenté en la pasada exposición con Paulina Suarez "Running Plants" en Berkeley Marina. Celles-ci sont quelques unes de mes oeuvres présentées dans l'exposition "Running Plants" avec Paulina Suarez à Berkeley Marina.     My favourite: Ramon! "Bark's Noise"         Viajando Ligero       Yumari   ... [Lire la suite]
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12 juillet 2012

Running Plants Exhibition at Berkeley Marina

    Thank you very much to everybody in One Heart World Wide for this lovely experience and for all the people who assisted!                 Most part of the works exhibited are made by recycled or reused objects such as cigar boxes and drawers. La mayoria de las obras presentadas estan hechas a partir de materiales reciclados o de reuso como cajas de habanos y cajones. La plupart des pièces exposées ont été faites à partir des matériels réutilisés ou recyclés... [Lire la suite]
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26 juin 2012

Upcoming exhibition

  This Thursday the illustrator Paulina Suarez www.paulinasuarez.com and me will be having an exhibition of prints and pieces made out of recycled/reused materials.This will be a fundraiser exhibition that will take place in Berkeley Marina, thanks to the association One Heart World-Wide  http://oneheartworld-wide.org/  that currently helps the Tarahumara community in Mexico to cope with serious hunger problems due to a difficult harvest year. One Heart World-Wide also helps pregnant women in... [Lire la suite]
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04 juin 2012


This last months I've been working in a beautiful and exciting picture book called "Case". This project was created by the publisher Il Gioco di Leggere (Milan) and the International School of Illustration of Sarmede (Treviso), it will be ready in October for the opening of the "Casa della Fantasia di Sarmede" in Italy. The picture book is created by 5 young artists: the writer Chiara Di Palma and 4 illustrators: Beatriz Martin, Aurora Cacciapuoti, Giuseppe Vitale and me Ana Aranda (Italy, Spain and Mexico). We are all conected by... [Lire la suite]
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03 juin 2012

La vista favorita

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31 mai 2012

Self portraits

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15 mai 2012

Digital Watercolor

        J.Cocker, S.Hinkler            
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29 avril 2012

Tapping octopus

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26 avril 2012


          Ilustración expuesta en el stand de "Le Immagini della fantasia" , Feria de Libro Infantil de BoloñaIllustration exposé dans le stand de "Le Immagini della fantasia", Festival du Livre Jeunesse de BologneIllustration exhibited in the stand of "Le Immagini della fantasia", Bologna Children's Book Fair          
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26 avril 2012

Book in progress

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